10 Things I Expect For 23

10 Things I Expect For 23

I’ll try really hard not to make this as corny last year’s list and I’m also too scared to read what I wrote last year because it’s kinda cringey, but I think it would be fun to do a quick review. I’ll tell you what worked at what didn’t in 22. 

So here are the things I said I wanted to do in my 22nd year, let’s see how I did, shall we?

1.) Workout (at least) 3 times per week


1.5) Finally clean  out my closet!!


2.) Work on the things that I have control over and can change, and not lose sleep over the things outside of my control.

???? can’t relate

3.) Humble myself

A little

3.5)  Continue to set ridiculously high expectations for myself and those around me.

Expert level at this point.

4.) Take pride in what God has done and made.

To some degree

5.) Actually believe in the power of prayer

Getting there

6.) Say how I feel immediately


6.5) Stop worrying about what "they" will think or say

Almost there

7.) Stop being a "hater" (I'll explain in a later post)

Still needs work

8.) Admit when I'm wrong and say sorry

Got that covered

8.5) Serve Beyonce "Sorry" vibez, immediately after I clap back

Working more on serving “Eyek vibes” and worrying less about “clapping back”. *In my Hazel London voice* You think I got time to be walking round here being petty when I’m trying to live a long, fruitful, and purposeful life? NO

9.) See Beyonce Live (idk how that's gonna go)

Rumi and Sir will suffice

10.) Pray about and act on setting the foundation for my dreams

Easier said than done, babe.

11.) Say "No" to fear

Yeah, I think I kind of got that covered.

11.5) Take more (legal)  risk

Still working on it

12.) Continue to show him/her/them/it THE DOOR

It’s an art form that I’ve perfected, but I’m working to insert more love.

13.) Genuinely care about certain things and people, not just for show.

I still need to work on this, no doubt.

14.) Actually help my mom make soup and stop saying "I'll be right back". (Ya'll know what I mean)

Well...I moved to Lagos so...

15.) Be direct

Do I really have to answer this one?

16.) Continue to be honest, but with a little modification (stop taking it too far)

Please pray for me

17.) Speak about the beautiful things I see in someone else

I can proudly say that this is one of my biggest successes of 22.

18.) Be an encourager

See #17

19.) Say no to Sephora, except on special occasions (pray for the me)

See #14

20.) Put my womanism into action more often

I'm working less on performing it, and actually living life and seeing the world through that lens.

20.5) Call out any and every "ism/phobia" within my power

See #15

21.) Let It Go

Trying to

21.5) Not be ashamed of "taking it personally" or being "in my feelings". (It's cool to care, people. It's cool not to care as well)


22.) Work hard to prioritize and realize God's plan for my life

Still on that journey. It’s not an overnight process, but I have to continue to hold myself accountable.

10 Things I expect for 23

  1. Better health- I just want to feel good, not just physically, but like my soul. I just want to feel well, in general.

  2. More love- Being open to receiving and giving it without fear

  3. Being generous- My aka gum (stinginess)  has gotten worse as I’ve gotten older because I’m so afraid of getting taken advantage of. I now know that if I want to move higher or elevate in life, I HAVE to give. Whether that’s in service, money, time, attention, I’m going to give it. I won’t say it’s going to be easy, but I’m ready.

  4. More peace- I love drama, I love for drama, I’m going to (with God’s help) tone it down. (We’ll see how it goes)

  5. Growth- For AfrikanRising, in experiences, etc

  6. Success- I’m looking forward to and expecting success in all of my endeavours, specifically in my business ventures and every single one of my projects

  7. Less Fear- I’m scared of everything, but I just need to keep stepping out, and I’ll be okay.

  8. More opportunities- I look forward to more opportunities to share my gifts, being a platform for others to share theirs, and also I look forward to opportunities to figure out why the heck I’m here.

  9. Challenges- they without a doubt will come, but just like the whole gym thing, you can’t get strong without a little resistance or pressure

  10. That I’ll be writing something like this, and you (and your family/friends and mine) will be back to read it around this time next ye

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