What's Next?:  22 Things I Want For 22

What's Next?: 22 Things I Want For 22

Guys! The day is finally here! I just want to thank you all for the birthday wishes and for sticking around thus far. Your support has many times been much needed and always appreciated. Okay, it's actually like 25 things, but I convinced myself that .5 doesn't count. Even if it counts, just let me have my moment.

1.) Workout (at least) 3 times per week

1.5) Finally clean  out my closet!!

2.) Work on the things that I have control over and can change, and not lose sleep over the things outside of my control.

3.) Humble myself

3.5)  Continue to set ridiculously high expectations for myself and those around me. 

4.) Take pride in what God has done and made.

5.) Actually believe in the power of prayer

6.) Say how I feel immediately

6.5) Stop worrying about what "they" will think or say

7.) Stop being a "hater" (I'll explain in a later post)

8.) Admit when I'm wrong and say sorry

8.5) Serve Beyonce "Sorry" vibez, immediately after I clapback

9.) See Beyonce Live (idk how that's gonna go)

10.) Pray about and act on setting the foundation for my dreams

11.) Say "No" to fear

11.5) Take more (legal)  risk

12.) Continue to show him/her/them/it THE DOOR

13.) Genuinely care about certain things and people, not just for show.

14.) Actually help my mom make soup and stop saying "I'll be right back". (Ya'll know what I mean)

15.) Be direct

16.) Continue to be honest, but with a little modification (stop taking it too far)

17.) Speak about the beautiful things I see in someone else

18.) Be an encourager

19.) Say no to Sephora, except on special occasions (pray for the me)

20.) Put my womanism into action more often

20.5) Call out any and every "ism/phobia" within my power

21.) Let It Go

21.5) Not be ashamed of "taking it personally" or being "in my feelings". (It's cool to care, people. It's cool not to care as well)

22.) Work hard to prioritize and realize God's plan for my life

BONUS: Consistently do "Picks Of The Week"

And now...for a bit of a surprise...



More details will be coming in the next few days, so please be on the lookout. (Please) Follow me on my social media outlets (IG, Snapchat, Twitter, & Facebook) @afrikanrising to get all of those updates, and more!

Who's ready for 22?




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