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Hello and welcome to my blog! AfrikanRising is a place where I (Eyek) discuss (complete) health, beauty, and social justice. As a twentysomething year old Nigerian, I'm sharing my stories, from my struggles with self acceptance, to my favorite skincare products.

 I created this blog because I want you to feel something, whether that's joy, sadness or a desire to self-reflect. I'm learning and growing everyday and I want you to learn and grow with me. Join me on this journey and watch this African rise. 


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21 Things I've Learned at 21

21 Things I've Learned at 21

Hey guys,

If you follow me on IG (@afrikanrising) you saw that I introduced this series on there. I'm going to be sharing with you guys everything I've learned during my 21st year of life. Please watch and enjoy! 

Also, I'm going to start vlogging occasionally and I would really love it if you subscribed so you can see what I'm up to and get to know me a bit more. (Just click the video link and subscribe!)

"Eat. Pray. Hustle" can be found here


*What is something this past year of your life has taught you? Please comment below!*



 I'm super excited to share with you all an ongoing series that I will be starting this month. The goal of this series is to have an open conversation about how Africans (and those within the Diaspora) address mental illness. I will be sharing stories of people who have not only had to deal with mental illness, but have had to deal with having their struggles disregarded, due to stigmas within their cultures. If you are interested in sharing your story, message me, or hit the "Share Your Story" tab at the top left. You can request to have your story submitted anonymously as well. Be on the look out for the first story, at the end of this month! 


Vlog 1- What's Your Why?

Vlog 1- What's Your Why?

Dear Black Men (Who Don't Date Black Women/Femmes)