Dear "Ally"

Dear "Ally"

Dear "Ally",

I spent the last few days watching you on social media and in person. If I had to rate your contributions, I would give you a big juicy "F". It seems  you were more  interested in barking out orders than actually listening to us. The other half of you guys were too busy crying into your keyboards and reminding everyone that this is not the America that you "know". Could you by any chance share what your America looks like because I think we may be living in two different ones...... Anyways,  I could spend about 37 blogposts explaining why your alliance is fake and rooted in your narcism, but I'll leave that to God. *sips tea*.  

Despite being completely silent on real issues, you always seem to come out of the woodworks to silence us and throw out your respectability politics even on our outrage. 
You seem more interested in preserving your privilege, and it shows.

You're annoying and you need to get it together.

So now that we've cleared that up, why don't we talk about what you can do and need to know,  to at least get a "C". 

1.) Your safety pin is not doing anything for us.
You wearing a relatively unnoticeable pin on your clothes shows your cowardice, not your solidarity.

2) Stop with the commentary.
It's already frustrating enough having you speak for us when you're NOT supposed to. Stop telling us how to be angry or afraid.

3.)  Get off of IG and Snapchat
Of course so many are guilty of this, but let's talk about you for a bit (I have a feeling you might like that). Stop looking for a photo op with the sign you put together after your Micheal's run.

4.) Be quiet, please.
This one is self explanatory.

5.) Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen.
We are the ones baring the brunt of the blow. Stop talking over us or for us unless we ask you to.  

At this point, you might share this post and talk about how "we need less hate and more love" or "MLK would not have liked this", but either way, you NEED to read this. You want to know how you can fix things? Start by being genuine and stand firm in your alliance to us, all of the marginalized communities in America and worldwide.

Hope this helps.


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