#TheSkinSeries: 4 Reasons Why You Should Use A Toner

#TheSkinSeries: 4 Reasons Why You Should Use A Toner

Have you been thinking about adding a toner to your skin regimen? Have you heard of a toner? Okay well here's the tea on what toners do and why you need to add them into your routine.

It shrinks your pores

The larger your pores, the more dirt you attract, which in some cases lead to acne. Active ingredients in most toners gradually shrink your pores and lower your exposure to dirt.

It evens out your skin, without bleaching

Toners (very) gradually wear down dark spots to reveal the skin you have underneath of the dark spots. In addition to exfoliants, acne marks and scars usually will go away with daily use of a toner. 

It shows you whether you’ve gotten all of your make-up off

In other words, it cleanses your skin to some degree. *Note: Toners are not cleansers, you still need to cleasne your skin!*

It’s a great base for your moisturizer.

Toners have humectants (particles that attract moisture) such as glycerin, which adds extra moisture in your skin. *Note* PLEASE STILL MOISTURIZE YOUR FACE. You've got to prevent  ashiness and all costs.

When buying your toner, try not to use toners that have alcohol, astringents, or menthol in them. Those products are extremely drying to the skin and defeat the purpose.


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Dear "Ally"