#TheSkinSeries: Hydrator vs Moisturizer

So guys, here is the last installment of #TheSkinSeries and I hope you enjoyed it and learned a thing or two. Before moving forward, I would just like to announce that I will no longer be talking about make-up, skincare, and beauty in general on the blog. Don’t fret though. I’m going to just be moving it to a new platform called OwnYourBeautyAfrique. For now, there’s no blog just yet, but I do have an Instagram and a snapchat. If you enjoy my masks snaps on snapchat andmy mini tutorials, you should definitely follow me (@ownyourbeautyafrique)! I’ll give more details on why I decided to do this a bit later, but for now let’s get back to our original reason for being here…

Okay so let’s first discuss the different between a hydrator and a moisturizer and who needs to be using which of the two.

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Basically, this is used to hydrate the skin. It’s meant to add moisture into the skin.This is great for people with dry skin. It tends to be on the heavier side in regards to consistency. This is also great for people with combination/skin.


This is a sealant, it basically retains moisture in your skin. This is perfect for people with oily skin. This is also great for people with combination/oily skin.

Best Hydrators:

Murad Acne Complex Skin Perfecting Lotion (Great For Acne Prone Skin)

 Photo source:  ulta.com

Photo source: ulta.com


*Save a few coins and get the Starter Kit for USD$34.00*

I use this product but at times, it can be a little drying for some reason, so I add a little bit of a more oil based product that I will be talking about in a bit.


Simple Vital Vitamin Day Cream

 Photo source: walmart.com

Photo source: walmart.com


This stuff is goooood ! It will definitely give you that glow, so don't use too much. And I also love that it’s more affordable. Simple products are great in generally because their products are not filled with alcohol and other fillers. I would go as far as saying that Simple is the best drugstore/high-street skincare brand out there. (Don’t @ me. Thanxxx)


Best Moisturizers:

Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer SPF 15


This product is great, but you definitely should not over do it when applying. It definitely regulates the oil in my chin area, but I often find my T zone looking like you could fry a few batches of dodo (plantain) on it….Just saying.

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer, Oil Free 


Throwback to high school right? Either way, this product is great for oily skin and is very long lasting. 


So that’s all for now beautiful people…. Until we meet again, in December (soooo dramatic).

Thanks for reading.



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