AfrikanRising Review: Raya4You

AfrikanRising Review: Raya4You

Hey guys, so if you follow me on snapchat (@afrikanrising) you would have seen me unbox the goodies I received in my subscription box from Raya4You a black-owned luxe bath and body brand. I met Raya while attending a mixer and I was so touched by how down to earth and most importantly, knowledgable she was and is. One thing I love about this company is that none of the products cost more than $10 (major key for those of us on a budget). Not only is RAYA4You affordable, but they are also extremely active in the community. With their Girl's Circle initiative, RAYA4You is creating a space where young girls and women can express themselves and have a circle of support.

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So without further ado, let's get started

First of all, with every subscription box, there is a description of what will be in that month's box. Unfortunately I will not be able to list the ingredients for each product but if I'm able to get my hands on that info, I will definitely share.


Hair Products


How To Use It: Wet your hair and apply primarily to your scalp.

Grade: 7/10- I loved the smell and the fact that it doesn't lather. It is not so harsh as to make your hair squeaky clean, but it definitely cleanses and breaks down build-up  very well.

How To Use It: Apply from root to tip of hair. Comb through and leave in for a few minutes. 

Grade-8/10- This product is thick enough to be used a deep conditioner, I do not necessarily recommend for detangling. This conditioner was also long lasting. I could still smell it in may hair, nearly a week after using it and my hair was extremely soft.

How To Use It: Spray on your fro, curls, coils or a protective style, as needed.

Grade-8/10- I'm not sure whether it was the combination of the product or what but this was a yes for me. It was very long lasting and I could feel in penetrating my hair. Note: If you do not like herbal scents, don't buy this because you will want to fight me after the fact.

Soap and Scrubs

How To Use It: Rub into your palm, washcloth, or loaf and rub throughout your body. (Not sure if it's mild enough to use on your "down there" though!)

Grade 9/10- If you are looking for a soap that does not lather very much, you will love this. This soap clearly has quite a few oils in it and these oils coat the skin after washing, which is a plus. I would recommend it for the winter, because it also fights dry skin. I told ya'll that ashiness is a real issue over here and I honestly believe that it starts with the soaps you use.

How To Use It: Wet your skin, scoop out the scrub and rub all over your body. (I do not recommend using it "down there").

Grade: 5/10- The smell was quite off-putting to me and the stub was a little to harsh for my skin. I would recommend using this one every two weeks or so.

How To Use: Just like any other bath bomb, run your water and drop this bad boy in the tub. You can also dissolve it by running it under the water.

Grade: 5/10- I did not really like the way the bomb smelled so that took away from the product for me. I do think that it was moisturizing and deep penetrating, unlike most bath bombs. 



*PAUSE* Throwback to when my nails were on point.*

Anyways...How To Use It: Rub all over your body after coming out of the shower and when you need extra moisture. 

Grade-3/10- This product is getting this grade ONLY because my skin can't stand shea butter and this product is shea butter based. If you skin loves shea butter, you absolutely need this product. No, I'm so serious, YOU NEED IT! This product is long lasting, but for me, it just sat on my skin and I can't stand that. 


Okay guys, that's all for now. If you're interested in purchasing products from Raya4You, click here and if you would like to order subscription boxes, please email Raya at Please note that for now, the products are only shipped throughout the U.S. I will definitely update you guys if anything changes.


How are you getting your skin winter ready? Let me know!


#TheSkinSeries: Cleansers & Masks

#TheSkinSeries: Cleansers & Masks