Here's The Tea: Bey, What's Good?

Here's The Tea: Bey, What's Good?

So it's a Thursday evening, I just got out of class and some time between trying to figure out what I learned in class and what I wanted to eat for dinner, I got an alert that King Bey (Beyonce) finally released her much awaited Ivy Park activewear line. Naturally, I power walk to the nearest place to sit (I was hyperventilating) and of course I go to place my order, because I don't have time for no "OUT OF STOCK" games today, okay?

Anyways, I scroll through and see some pretty cute pieces and then I come across a pair of leggings that I know will make my back contraption (my butt) look all types of right! I click it. I scroll to look for my size. The largest size is a XL. 

For those of you who are an XL or smaller, this may not seem shocking, you may even be wondering why this is an issue. 

On the surface level, I was upset because Beyonce knows good and well that she has fans and supporters of all sizes. I later realized that this is not what bothered me the most.

After looking through Ivy Park pieces, I went to other well known brands and looked through their athletic wear. Most had sizes ranging from XS-XL. Most well known brands, just don't carry large sizes of athletic wear. 

Of course for smaller brands, I understand why it would be tough to offer wider ranges of sizes due to costs, however, these days I'm not sure whether that's a good enough excuse for me.

Why don't people think that plus size people work out or are healthy? Why do I have to spend $65 or more for leggings at a specialty store? Why are you so concerned about our health and when are actually being healthy, we are not offered access to simple things like workout gear?

Having been plus-size for most of my life, I have had my fair share of people telling me that they are worried about my "health". Go on any given plus size person's instagram or articles celebrating plus sized people and you will see at least 73 comments stating that these people are "unhealthy".

Um, okay.

It's high time for us to have an open discussion about this. Fat shaming, just like any other type of shaming is rooted in privilege and genuine hate that is baseless. Whether we like it or not, being smaller sized is a privilege, and not just in the area of vanity. You don't have to question whether you will fit in a seat or worry (as much) about doing simple things like eating in public or getting on a treadmill.

Now, I'm by no means inviting you to a pity party, What I am saying is this: it's time for people to put their money where there mouth is. Plus size people are encouraged to be "healthy", but are not provided the same resources as smaller people- even something as simple as stylish, and affordable athletic gear. It's just not adding up.

All of this is making me think that all a long, it was never about health..mhmm

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What do you guys think? *Someone tag King Bey. Thnxxx*

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