Here's The Tea: Kiko Milano Energy Mask

Here's The Tea: Kiko Milano Energy Mask

Okay guys. I know what I said, but I had to bang this last post out because I NEED you guys to know about this energy mask. *Disclaimer*: currently, Kiko Milano does not ship to any African and Caribbean countries, which is annoying for many reasons, however -in their defense- they are a relatively young company that is clearly  trying to expand, so hopefully in the next year, we will see new developments. 

I have been using this product for about a month and I thought I would share with you all what I think about it.

What I Love:

 The Price

For only  USD$9, you can get almost 2 fluid ounces of this detoxifying mask. In general, Kiko Milano is quite affordable and -according to the consultant- this is because they "have no middle man". I'm assuming that is a good thing for them and it's definitely a great thing for our pockets. 

The Application

Putting this mask on your face and neck is as easy as applying moisturizer to your face. I don't have the patience to have to mix things or rub things together. With this mask, all you have to do is cleanse your face (you could use a clarifying toner) and then rub as many layers as your heart desires onto your face. For me, I was already sold at this point.

The Results

The moment I washed the mask off, I noticed that my skin appeared brighter and more even. This was only after my first use. *Side note* Although you can use the mask up to two (2) times a week, I only use it once a week because it can be quite drying. The great thing about this mask is that I still saw the effects days after using it especially in regards to my complexion and the brightness of my skin. 

 If you follow me on snapchat (@afrikanrising), you've seen my shenanigans with this mask. LOL

If you follow me on snapchat (@afrikanrising), you've seen my shenanigans with this mask. LOL


What I Don't Love

The Formula

First of all, if you have dry skin, this product is a big no. I have combination skin and my skin did feel quite dry, but not to the point of discomfort. If you don't like the "squeaky-clean" or tight feeling after a mask, you may feel quite a bit of discomfort after using this. I also did not like how liquid-y it was. Due to the formula, many times even after waiting the suggested 15 minutes, the mask was still wet, which was kind of off-putting because it left me wondering whether the mask was actually working on those parts of my face. 


The Verdict:

I'm going to give this mask a solid 90%. It was great and I intend to repurchase and you should check them out as well! 




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