Wash Day With a Twist

Wash Day With a Twist

Hey beautiful people!

Yesterday was wash day and as most of us with natural  (and even relaxed) hair now, when it's was day, you go off the grid for a few hours or days. I know most of us may avoid wash day just because it takes so much time. From detangling, to deep conditioning, to twisting, I personally would rather just...not. If I have not already mentioned this, I usually only wash my hair twice a month (every two weeks). My hair however has been showing signs of drying out so I think I may go back to washing my hair every week though. 

Now back to the point of this post. I might have a solution for those of you who not only have to wash your hair, but have to wash it after taking out a protective style. Wash day after a protective style is even more tasking because  detangling and washing may take waaaay longer than usual, as if it doesn't already take me 8 days to wash my hair on a regular basis.

I have been playing around with how to effectively wash and treat my hair, while trying to do it in about 20 minutes. 

Also huge shoutout to my sister who stayed up to help me take these video clips. You the realest Arit! 

Okay that's enough mush for now.

P.S: I wore a bathing suit because I didn't want you guys to see all the heat I'm packing*

P.S.S: Getting your clicking fingers ready

So, here's how it went:

The Lineup:

 Check out my  HAUL REVIEW  for details about these products! 

Check out my HAUL REVIEW for details about these products! 

I usually take my hair out right before I am about to wash it. 


I massage my scalp with the tips of my fingers and feel for knots, etc.


 It usually takes about five minutes      

It usually takes about five minutes



I hop into the shower and automatically apply the shampoo to my scalp. I put it into this small bottle so that I don't spill the tea tree soap everywhere. 


I focus the soap on my scalp and rub it in with my finger tips.


You're going to need more than a dime size, boo. 


I first rub the conditioner on the ends of my hair because they need the most moisture and attention.


I make sure my hair is coated with the conditioner and then I comb through, section by section.


Me realizing that my hair does a lot of shedding.








Now it's time for your deep conditioner. 

I apply my deep conditioner the same way that I apply my detangling conditioner.


*This is when I multitask, I put on my shower cap and actually shower as I allow the heat from the water and from my body to help the conditioner penetrate my hair. *


I just killed two birds with one stone so you know I'm pressed. 


I always dry my hair with a t-shirt. There really is no science (as far as I know) as to why this works vs a towel, I just prefer it.



Now I  apply my leave in conditioner.


After I rake it though my hair, I flat twist my hair because I like my hair stretched out as much as possible. 


At this point, you can either blow dry your hair or wrap a turban like I did and then you will be good to go! 


Not too shabby huh? Try this out and tell me how it goes. As always, thanks for reading!


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