Picks Of The Month

Picks Of The Month

Hey guys, I have come across so many great things this month. Some of these products  I forgot about and revisited, others I found and could not let go of. Grab a drink or snack and see what I loved throughout the month of June! 

*Also, great news for those of you based on The Continent (Africa) you can get access to these products through an app called Mall Of Africa (iOS and Android)! Try it out if you'd like and let me know how it goes!*


Skincare (Face & Body) 

 Lush Cosmetics Dream Cream (Self-Preserving)  USD$27.95

Lush Cosmetics Dream Cream (Self-Preserving) USD$27.95

I randomly came across this product around this time last year when I went to the Lush shop nearby. The only thing I knew about Lush was that they made bath bombs before then.  I was feeling like Bill Gates, obviously, because I risked wasting $27.95 by not just trying a sample but I definitely have no regrets now. Anyways, this lotion is lightweight and can defeat the ashiest of knees. (Trust me on this) Most of Lush's products do expire, but this cream is self preserving so it should last for about a year from the date of purchase.

 Simple Soothing Facial Toner  USD$6.83-12.09

Simple Soothing Facial Toner USD$6.83-12.09

As you can see, the bottle is empty. I have been using this toner for about two years and I decided to branch out because as far as I knew, this toner was no longer sold in stores in the U.S. I came to my senses after my skin wanted to fight me and I can't stray from this. In any case, a toner is beneficial for any skin regimen and it doesn't hurt that this product is: 1.) Affordable     2.) Perfect for sensitive skin 3.) Effective. If you are looking for affordable, yet high quality products  PLEASE try Simple products in general. (Available at Walgreens and Boots and on amazon.) 

 Chamomile Night Cream USD$20

Chamomile Night Cream USD$20

For a while now, I haven't had a night routine for my skin and I thought the best place to start would be adding a night cream to it. I love this product for a few reasons but what I love most is how firm and soft my skin is right after applying the cream and even when I wake up in the morning. Also it's not heavily perfumed, which is a plus. 

 It's Quite Thick 

It's Quite Thick 



 Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick- Chianti  USD$24

Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick- Chianti USD$24

I firmly believe that everyday is dark lip day. It doesn't matter the season or time. I was however looking for the perfect dark lip had more of a pink/red undertone versus the blue-ish undertones lipsticks that I usually go for. The pigment is amazing and it does in fact last (almost) all day. I only had to reapply in the center of my lips because I ate something. 



My Aquaphor Lip Repair Treatment went missing almost immediately after I took the above picture, but you can find it at your local drugstore, beauty supply store and on Amazon.com! I guarantee that ashy lips will no longer be your portion just after one use. 




 The Body Shop Black Musk Perfume-  USD$37

The Body Shop Black Musk Perfume- USD$37



*No Explanation Needed*

Omo Yoruba, please translate for us!






I randomly found this when I was cleaning out a dressing room at work. It came at the perfect time. Basically I just needed a reminder that God truly did love me and this paper that I almost threw away did the job. I really have no doubt that God answers prayers and God does so in ways that we least expect. 

I'm not going to go into detail about this book, because I am currently still reading it but I had to share and I encourage every Nigerian and African (including those in the Diaspora) to read this. The Late Mr. Chinua Achebe did an amazing job of depicting Nigeria's civil war objectively, which I appreciated because that's so hard to find. 



I'm so pressed because I got cards made. 

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Self Care Is Revolutionary

Self Care Is Revolutionary

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