Meet Beela- Founder of Brightly N' Boldly

Meet Beela- Founder of Brightly N' Boldly

Hey guys, I'm back with another feature. Today, I want you all to meet Beela Agy, founder of Brightly N' Bodly a natural hair inspo page that has now grown into a Youtube Channel and a blog. I don't want to spoil all of the secrets so without further ado, meet Beela!


1.) Tell us about yourself. What made you want to start “Brightly and Boldly”

A few years back, I started posting pictures on my personal instagram account and natural hair blogs began to repost my pictures. I began to receive lots of questions about my hair and I would answer the questions one by one. When I became overwhelmed with responding with the same answers repeatedly, I decided to start posting videos on YouTube. Shortly after, I also changed my personal instagram account into a space of inspiration for naturals on their journey (@brightnboldly).

2.) What does being Bright and Bold mean to you?

I chose the name Bright N’ Boldly because shining bright and living boldly are two ideas that inspire me. Shining bright, to me, means knowing and loving yourself. Whereas living boldly means being your authentic self and living life on your terms, without apology and despite any inner “fears”. 

3.) You talk quite a bit about health and fitness on your channel and blog. Have you always led a healthy lifestyle? 

I haven’t always been healthy and to be honest, I feel as though I have a long way to go. I suffered from numerous health inflictions throughout my life, which doctors would tell me were incurable. This led me to seek alternative (natural) methods to curing myself. That is how I discovered the plant-based lifestyle and other holistic methods. I speak about my health journey a lot on my YouTube channel. 


4.) How long have you been a vegan and was it a slow transition or an immediate shift?

I’ve only started eating a completely vegan diet for a few months now. I have, however, been vegetarian for the past four years. My transition to being vegan was relatively slow, considering it took me four years to completely commit to it! Being “vegan”, I feel, requires a change in your complete lifestyle (diet, products, fashion, etc), which for most people, takes time to change. I am still making honest mistakes here and there, as I am still learning about the vegan lifestyle as I go. 

5.)What were the cultural implications of you becoming vegan?

There are many cultural implications of being vegan such as limited options while eating out, dealing with ignorant judgements, the high cost of fresh fruits and vegetables (especially living in Toronto, Canada), among many others. However, being vegan has added so much good to my life which definitely overrides the challenges I face. My health has improved, my energy levels increased, my heart has opened and my consciousness has expanded, which I owe to becoming vegan. It also gives me peace knowing that I am not contributing to the unnecessary suffering of sentient and innocent beings (animals). 


6.) What are three things that are essential for leading a healthy lifestyle?

Being completely healthy involves a holistic approach which includes having a healthy body, mind, and soul. If I had to choose three I would say, eating living (plant-based) foods, getting exercise, and doing what you love. 

7.) Any words of advice for people who are making the transition to becoming a vegan or just making healthy choices in general?

I would recommend to do your own research. Question that which is promoted as “healthy” and do your own research. Once you know better, you do better! Also, keep in mind that changing your diet/lifestyle takes time! Don’t feel down or punish yourself for falling short of your goals. Just get back up and keep going in the right direction. Know that there is no healthy destination, it’s just a series of daily choices. Choose that which serves you and your health. 


8.) How can we connect with you? What are your social media handles?

It was a pleasure talking with you! xo 

YouTube channel: Bright N’ Boldly (

My personal Instagram: @beelaagy 

Natural hair instagram: @brightnboldly 



I also have a special treat for you guys! If you aren't subscribed to Beela's channel on Youtube, then you may not know that she also does (very yummy-looking) "What I Eat In A Day" videos, check out this one below to get a glimpse of what Beela is working with! 



Thanks for reading!


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