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Hello and welcome to my blog! AfrikanRising is a place where I (Eyek) discuss (complete) health, beauty, and social justice. As a twentysomething year old Nigerian, I'm sharing my stories, from my struggles with self acceptance, to my favorite skincare products.

 I created this blog because I want you to feel something, whether that's joy, sadness or a desire to self-reflect. I'm learning and growing everyday and I want you to learn and grow with me. Join me on this journey and watch this African rise. 


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Why I Don't Film Anymore

Hey guys, I had video ready about Misogynoir at the gym and let's just say it didn't go as planned. These days, I've been learning to make lemonade out of my very sour lemons and came up with this blooper reel. Please look out for my post about the aforementioned topic next week though. Have an amazing weekend beautiful people.


Misogynoir: How To Spot That Ish and How To Address It (Gym Edition)

Meet Beela- Founder of Brightly N' Boldly

Meet Beela- Founder of Brightly N' Boldly