Fall Feature: BrownKrowns

Fall Feature: BrownKrowns

I got the pleasure of meeting Ashley Knight, founder of BrownKrowns, and up and coming clothing line that celebrates all hues of brown. 


1.) Tell us about BrownKrowns. How did you get started and what inspired you to start your company?

Brown Krowns is an organization geared towards boys and girls of color . We focus on giving back into the community as well as showcasing positive images/ role models for those youth to look up to. What initially inspired me to start brown Krowns was the Oprah Network documentary " Dark Girls". Living as a darker complexion girl I have always been aware of the insecurities that come along with it but until the documentary never realized how many other girls share these feelings with me .


2.) Who does BrownKrowns serve?

BrownKrowns serves  both male and female youth of color .


3.) How long has BrownKrowns existed?

A little over a year


4.) As a young entrepreneur, how has getting started been for you? .  “Heavy Is The Crown That’s Brown”. That’s powerful, but what does that mean to you personally and the BrownKrowns brand?

'd have to be honest . Getting started has definitely had its fair share of challenges. I currently do this alone so yes , executing all my plans sometimes take more time than I would love but me loving what I'm doing keeps me motivated. Even if this only touches one person I feel like my goal was achieved. That ties into the saying " Heavy is the crown that's brown". As women and men of color we wear so many different hats , have so much in this society against us and we are most times expected to fail, but we never do. We bear the load and make it to the top always . Heavy is our crown , Heavy is the crown that's brown .


5.) What do you think about colorism? How does it impact black women? Especially those on the darker complexed side?

Colorism , I wish this wasn't still something to talk about in 2016. The only thing that can come to mind is sad . I wish that African Americans as a race , would come together . We would be so much stronger than we are now if we did . Colorism is another reason I created BrownKrowns, I grew tired of the " I only date dark, light or " foreign " conversation. I want young women of color to know how beautiful their complexion is whether it is deep as cocoa or light as honey . As black women our complexion is our crown. For those of darker complexion.. yes our crown may be heavier and the battle may be harder, this Just makes for a better victory at the end. Keep fighting


6.)Where do you hope to see BrownKrowns in five years and how can we help you (as supporters) bring that hope to life?

In 5 years I would hope to see BrownKrowns as a household name in our community, even to those outside of the African American community. I dream to expand with job and scholarship opportunities , after school and mentoring programs and more community events to name a few .


7.) Where can we find BrownKrowns on social media?

BrownKrowns can be found on Instagram at @brownkrowns or our online site - BrownKrowns.com

For emails - contact@brownkrowns.com


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