Guest Post: Cold Showers Are Your New Best Friend

Guest Post: Cold Showers Are Your New Best Friend

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The last thing you want on earth is a cold shower first thing in the morning. It’s already hard enough to wake up and get on with your day. On the contrary, a hot shower will relax you and that’s all you need right now. An even better situation would be no shower at all and just stay in bed.

Well, let me challenge you on that one. A cold shower could potentially be your new best friend. I am 34 years old and I had to find ways to feel more energized to get through the day of being a mother and studying at medical school. So I started taking cold showers for these reasons: 

1.) Cold showers help with tiredness

Regular exposure to cold showers increases your metabolic rate, which means that your body works out faster (even without working out, how nice is that?). This increase tends to reduce tiredness and makes you more alert. 

2.) Cold showers can be a great pain killer

Cold showers have analgesic (pain killing) properties, since they activate the secretion of endorphins. Beta-endorphins, to be more specific, present with morphine-like actions on the body and therefore reduces pain sensation. And another benefit of beta-endorphins secretion is the release of dopamine, the chemical manager of pleasure and high mood.

3.) Cold showers make you feel present

On the personal-development side, a cold shower forces you to be present in your own body. You will feel the cold sensation; however uncomfortable it is at first. But, for a couple of minutes, you will be sucked into the present moment and momentarily forgetting about the rest of the world. Isn’t it great?

4.) Cold showers can keep you… young and fresh

This reason is not science based, just pure observation of my sister’s friend, who looks absolutely fabulous and 20 years younger easily. Her secret to youth was a daily cold shower. It was the final point to convince me to adopt cold shower as a daily routine. 

I have started taking daily cold shower about 18 months ago. My tolerance to cold is much higher.I’m actually so surprised by that. I feel more upbeat and more ready to tackle a full day.

A gradual start is advised, or it could potentially be very off-putting. Begin your ritual with a hot shower and progressively reduce the temperature.

Let us know how it is working for you.

Guest post from the author of Olivia’s New Life,, a blog about personal development, love and the struggle of becoming a doctor at 31 years old. 



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