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Hello and welcome to my blog! AfrikanRising is a place where I (Eyek) discuss (complete) health, beauty, and social justice. As a twentysomething year old Nigerian, I'm sharing my stories, from my struggles with self acceptance, to my favorite skincare products.

 I created this blog because I want you to feel something, whether that's joy, sadness or a desire to self-reflect. I'm learning and growing everyday and I want you to learn and grow with me. Join me on this journey and watch this African rise. 


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Abuja: Bath Time Is About To Get Yummier!

Abuja: Bath Time Is About To Get Yummier!

Guys, guys, GUYS,

BathKandy is coming to Abuja! If you're looking for high quality, yummy looking skincare products that will meet all of your skin needs, look no further.

To celebrate the Abuja Launch, there will be a launch event on 4th March from 12pm-8pm at 7 Leribe Close, Wuse II, Abuja, Nigeria. 

For more info, follow BathKandy on all their social media platforms!

Instagram: @bathkandy

Facebook: @bathkandy

Youtube: @bathkandy

Snapchat: @bathkandy

Twitter: @bathkandy

Site: bathkandy.com

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Adulting 101

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