What Is A Feminist?

What Is A Feminist?


This, (like 50 other things) has been really heavy on my mind. For some reason in 2017, Feminism is STILL a controversial term, and not for the right reasons. Most of us  don't run from the word because Becky and Co. have made it only about their private parts, or because someone (Definitely Becky and Co) made it a rule that you can only be a feminist if you went to college. No ma’am. They seem to dislike it for reasons that make NO sense. I’ve got a lot of issues with the way the world receives feminism and I’m sure you do too, but I’ll go first, k?

First of all, let’s be clear on this: I identify as a feminist, but more  specifically, I identify as a womanist. Alice Walker said it best: Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender”. Basically,  womanism is under the umbrella of feminism, just a more specific sort of feminism. If you ask me though, womanism is what feminism should have been in the first place, but Susan B. Anthony and friends had other plans. *sips tea*. Anyways, womanism is the idea that race specifically cannot be separated from identity. In other words, womanism addresses the oppression that women receive not only because of their race or because of their gender, but specifically because they are that specific race AND gender. Womanism generally takes into account the experiences of black women, but also does for other marginalized women as well.Yeah girl, I know it’s confusing, but we’ll talk about that in a later post. Now back to the beef I have with A LOT of people..

 1.) Feminism Is A Disease

       I’ll admit, there was actually a point that I was TERRFIED of saying I was a feminist because people would also respond by looking even more TERRIFIED. The most common two questions I get are “how?” and of course: “why?”.

2.) Feminism is scary!

   All feminists burn their bras, and don’t shave, and have night meetings about how we intend to phase out men in the next two years. Okay that sounds extreme, but what if I told that I have heard things along those lines. Many people (in most cases, men) fear  feminism because they believe it will “oppress” them. Mhmm, they make it seem like being oppressed is a bad thing...Almost as if it hinders you from functioning, succeeding, or even making it past a certain age, or something..

*Also, ladies don’t want people to get the wrong idea. Obviously all feminists are misandrists…. Or even worse: LESBIANS!*

3.) You can’t be a feminist if you believe in God.

Duh, the * Insert Holy Text* clearly says so.

I mean clearly Ephesians 5 is telling all women to be doormats.

(TW) Like, you need to submit to ALL men, even that guy who keeps winking at you from across the train. But of course, don’t read past verse 23, guys, because how many of us would actually want to live like Jesus? It’s more fun to use His name to oppress people and force them to follow doctrines that we don’t. DUH!

4.) Feminism is for white people, and it’s destroying the black (African and Diaspora) community

So ya’ll just going to act like Wambui Otieno, Funmialyo  Anikulapo-Kuti, or Anne Petry ( and many others) and their  contributions never existed? Okay, cool.

Okay guys, so here’s the truth about feminists/ womanists:

We hate men.


Okay seriously.

Feminism/ Womanism is a NECESSITY

Black women/femmes don’t even have the basic things like, self agency. Do you walk up to Becky or Brad and stick your hand in their hair?  If we’re not being sexualized, we deemed as angry, loud, and subhuman.

Let’s not even talk about how we make less than most men, and even white women/femmes.We clearly, don’t have the same rights as even black men, not to talk of white men, so until then, we need feminism, more specifically womanism to teach all of us to unlearn our misgynoir, our prejudice, and the structures within our communities  (as well as the world) that keep us in a box. If you would like to t

You Can Be a Feminist and Have A Relationship With God

Speaking as Christian, ya’ll really be out here using Ephesians 5 for everything other than what Paul meant when he wrote that verse in the Bible. We were all created  equal, period. (Now whether we are treated as equal is another story). If you’ve got an issue with that, take it up with Jesus, not me boo. *Check Galatians 3:28*

Feminism Is about choice

You have every right to want to be submissive, or to be a stay-at-home mom, or to be pro-life, but it needs to be YOUR CHOICE. Not because your family told you to, or because that person you have a crush on told you to.

I said “I don’t NEED a man”, not “I don’t WANT a man”

A lot of people are shocked when I mention anything regarding relationships and dating, etc. Usually, when I ask why, they very simply say “ you’re a feminist”. *Insert every confused face meme on the internet*

The bottom line is this:
People are running from feminism because of the connotations of the word, connotations that they (actually we) all perpetuate everyday.



*Not going to lie, my head hurts after writing this because in the age of google,  ya’ll know the birthplace of Beyonce’s great-great Aunt, but still think all feminists want to kill men*

**Also why the HELL do the marginalized always have to make a case for why marginalization is wrong?**




*What are your issues with the way feminism is perceived? Share below!*


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