Let's Talk Beauty: BathKandy Co.

Let's Talk Beauty: BathKandy Co.

Hey guys,

Welcome to the first of many posts highlighting brands here in Nigeria that are absolutely killing the game. Although all of the brands I'll discuss are my fave, BathKandy Co. has a special place in my heart. 

So let's talk about the brand itself and then I'll tell you guys about what I've been loving so far.

BathKandy Co is a food inspired skincare brand that specializes in soaps, lotions, potions, and scrubs that tap into all five senses. BathKandy Co was founded in 2015 and to date has two stores: Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. BathKandy, although already huge here intends to expand to various markets so if you're not in Nigeria, don't lose hope!


Activated Charcoal Soap- N2000

This soap is perfect for oily, combination/oily, and normal skin types that are acne prone or prone to discoloration. I started using this soap about a month ago, after my skin had a really bad reaction to the water here in Lagos. Within the next week, my breakout subsided and with it, a lot of my discoloration faded as well. This soap if used daily can last for about a month. This soap can be used on the face and body and also relieves the itching and burning that comes from bug bites. I got bitten by God knows what and within two days, the bites were gone. This soap's active ingredient (activated charcoal) is who to thank for that!

Black Pepper and Turmeric Soap- N2000

This soap is perfect for dry skin, it restores moisture in the skin, while fighting acne and discoloration. This soap is great if you have hyper pigmentation and are looking for a natural way to even out your skin tone. Also it smells YUM! (Actually all of their products do) You can use this for your face and your body!

Goat Milk Lotion N4000

Goat Milk is not just some trendy beauty trick. It actually works..Like it really, really, works. Goat milk removes dead skin cells, and alleviates symptoms associated with eczema and psoriasis. BathKandy's Goat Milk Lotion is deep penetrating and doesn't make the skin seem greasy. For your more ash-prone areas, add a bit of oil (coconut, lemongrass, etc) to your skin and you'll be set all day! This lotion low-key smells edible and I love that it's gentle enough for your face and body.

Facial Toner- N1500

Facial toners are soo important! I'm so passionate about this overlooked gem that I wrote an entire post on why you absolutely need to be using one. Not only is it an additional cleanser, it evens out skin tone, protects your skin and keeps it supple. I love this Facial Toner because it's rose water based, so it;s gentle enough for sensitive skin. Also, it's for all skin types. If your skin is on the oiler side, I recommend you apply the toner with a cotton ball and if you have dryer skin, just spritz this on.

BathKandy is constantly creating new soaps, lotions, and scrubs and of course I'll be keeping you guys updated on the new products I try!

If you're in Lagos or Abuja, head into the store! Lagos: 36a Wole Ariyo Lekki Phase 1 or Abuja: 7 Leribe Close Wuse 2, in the Wedding Mall. You can also place your order, directly on their site at www.bathkandy.com!


*I wanted to go easy with my first beauty post in a while..How'd I do?*

Thanks for reading.



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