10 Things You Need For Your Move

"For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the children of God". ROMANS 8:19


Heyyyy. So you're thinking of coming back or moving to Nigeria? Here are a few things you definitely need to have handy and keep in mind for your move!

1.) Portable Charger

You never know when NEPA will strike, and if for some reason your generator starts to misbehave, ya might be SOL.

2.) Moisturizer

Oils and shea butter will be your best friend. The combination of a good moisturizer and the Nigerian sun results in a glow like no other, OMG.


      Don’t just plop in here with assumptions. This country is just as complex as any other country in the world, so try (even though it’s hard) not to generalize. Just keep an open mind because either you’ll get severely disappointed, or you may be pleasantly surprised.  

4.) Glycerin

        If you’re natural, especially in a place like Lagos, the sun may do a number on your hair. Glycerin, as a humectant attracts all the moisture of the air into your hair. Not the best if you’re trying to maintain a fleecy twist out or braid out though.

5.) Confidence

  The thing is, even if you’re terrified and have no idea what you’re doing, you have to pretend that you do. People here can very easily pick up on lack of confidence and will literally take advantage of it, trust me, I learned the hard way.

6.) A Game Plan (Or Not)

          When I first came here, I thought I was absolutely, positively sure about what I wanted to do and then of course things changed. Know or have at least a general idea of what you want to do while here. But if you don’t, honestly it’s not a big deal, take your time and don’t put pressure on yourself.

7.) Instagram

    There is always some kind of networking event or something going on. If you’re looking to meet people in your industry or just to make friends, definitely look to Instagram for flyers about these sort of events. Here are a few  accounts to follow: @SheLeadsAfrica, @eventplace9ja @coloursandgrey, @thebloggerpoint, @themakeupfair, @leestylereport @bantucollective. *Lagos specifically*: @lagosevents, @trupr_, @lagosweekender, @gidifest, @drivethrulagos, @nothingtodoinlagos.

8.) Google

If you’re opening a business, or looking for job opportunities, look to Google because people here for some reason don’t want to give you information on how to do anything. People who have been working in industries for years will literally either purposely give you the wrong information, or will tell you they "don't know", even though they do. Corporate Affairs Commission has a portal, where the process of registering your business is streamlined a bit. A great option for job search is movemeback.com. MoveMeBack is a site where you upload your CV/Resume, indicate your areas of interest, and apply for opportunities literally in  any region in Nigeria (and Africa) 

9.) Sandals/Slippers

         Girl, your feet need to breathe! The sandal making industry here is actually pretty booming too, with companies like Gafa Sandals (@gafasandals), Kene Rapu (@kenerapu), and KAspenn (@kaspenn).

10.) Cash

Yes we have (relatively) well functioning banking systems and cards, but you also need to pay for all kinds of  things like parking (sometimes), tips, and shopping at the market. The  only way you will be able to do so is with cash.

 Bonus: Patience

There are going to be days where you might think that literally everyone in Nigeria is trying to steal your peace, from the security at Shoprite, to the Internet that suddenly decides to stop working (for days). Not going to lie, I have gone off quite often and the culture here in many cases condones that, but really that’s not who I’m trying to be anymore. Really it takes a whole lot of Jesus to keep your cool, to be honest.


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