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Hello and welcome to my blog! AfrikanRising is a place where I (Eyek) discuss (complete) health, beauty, and social justice. As a twentysomething year old Nigerian, I'm sharing my stories, from my struggles with self acceptance, to my favorite skincare products.

 I created this blog because I want you to feel something, whether that's joy, sadness or a desire to self-reflect. I'm learning and growing everyday and I want you to learn and grow with me. Join me on this journey and watch this African rise. 


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Top 6 Drugstore Must Haves

Top 6 Drugstore Must Haves

1.) NYX Cosmetics Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks- Beauty Mark and Ruffle Trim- ($7.00, N2200)

Beauty Mark is the perfect substitute for Colourpop's Limbo and won't wash you out as much if you're dark skinned. It is also an amazing lip liner. I like to use Beauty Mark as the liner and Ruffle Trim in the center and do an ombre look. The formula is amazing as well. It lasts most of the day, is very comfortable, and does start breaking up if you put on multiple layers. Find it at  Ulta, NYX's website, and Amazon.

2.) Maybelline FaceStudio Master Fix Wear Boosting Setting Spray- $6.50, N2050

As summer is upon us, one of the biggest challenges is keeping your make-up for melting. This seeing spray (in combination with the right primer) will keep you poppin all day. Also it's light enough that it can be reapplied throughout the day. I only have to apply it once though, and I'm good to go. Find it at Ulta and Amazon.

3.) NYX Cosmetics Butter Gloss Lip Gloss- Ginger Snap- $5.00, N1580

This is the perfect nude gloss for dark skin and girl, it smells sooo good! It's not super sticky and it's long lasting. Use this with a dark brown lip liner such as Chestnut by Mac or Expresso by NYX and you'll be good to go! Find it on Ulta, Amazon, and NYX's website.

4.) Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment- $10, N3150

Ash-free lips and skin are conducive to a meaningful life. Don't debate me. Get it on Amazon, or at CVS or Target. 

5.) HD Longwear Illuminating Foundation- Rich Cocoa-$10, N3150

Although LA could do A LOT of work with the color range (only two shades darker than this), they get the undertones (mostly) right. This foundation is awesome if you want a very skin-like look. It is full coverage a little goes a long way. Warning: If you have oily skin, please don't use this unless you are going to bake for a very long time, and also you need a goo ratifying balm (like ELF's Matifying Balm). Even with that, there is unfortunately no guarantee that you won't look fry-able halfway through the day. Find it on LA Girl's website.

6.) ELF's Poreless Primer $6, N1892

photo source: pinterest.com

photo source: pinterest.com

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you NEED this in your life. Use sparingly though! Get it at ELF's Website, Target, and Amazon.


Alright ya'll, that's all I've got. Talking skincare next.


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