2017: The Journey So Far

2017: The Journey So Far

Let’s just say that 2017 has been one helluva a year so far. There have been so many highs and so many lows, but looking back now, I can definitely say they brought me to this moment right now. When the year began, I decided to take an opportunity at a place that I thought would benefit me, more specially teach me everything I need to know about an industry that I’m passionate about. Now although I did learn a few things about the industry, what I’ve taken away from that experience is more about the life lessons it has taught me. Even if I didn't gain anything necessarily tangible, I can definitely say that I needed that and so much more to get to this place of my epiphany. 

Fear ruins everything

I took the job because of fear. I was afraid that my plans for being here in Nigeria would fail and in the case they did, I would have something to fall back on. I was afraid of being in a place of lack. I was afraid of being looked down on, or being seen as “unserious”. I’ve always been an overachiever, racking up all sorts of accolades and I could not imagine being in a place in my life where I wouldn'thave a title to tell people about. This fear put my dreams on hold for months, and when I finally realized that this fear was weighing me down, it was too late (or so I thought)

People are people

I never thought I would be saying this but: you have to accept people for who they are. Now you notice I said accept, not tolerate, or condone. If a person is toxic, hateful, abusive, they have to go, period. 

All that glitters isn't gold

Living in Lagos, you very easily come across people who have built this image of themselves on social media and you often look up to them or have a certain idea about them. I’ve never been so underwhelmed so many times in my life, specifically when I meetor see these people in real life. These people (just like us) are constantly under pressure to do and share what the world wants to see. The pressure is real. 

Age does not equal wisdom

I have seen with my own eyes that being over a certain age group does not make you any more wise, any kinder, of more experienced. We’ll develop this thought in an upcoming story time.

Peace is the new success

I saw this quote on a friend’s Instagram and I literally screamed when I read it. My number one priority from here on out is to be at peace. Be at peace with those around me (especially those that matter), be at peace with myself, be at peace with my past, and especially be at peace with God. I’m working on making it my priority to align my will with God’s, because any other way, for me is a waste of time. This by far has been the most difficult lesson and it truly is a challenge everyday.

It’s not  a competition

What belongs to you will surely come to you at God’s appointed time. Yes there are 15 year olds who own homes and yes Beyonce’s unborn children already have a higher net-worth than you, but that’s fine. Don’t worry about what’s going on in other people’s lives, unless you’re interested in helping them, congratulating them, or something along those lines.

You don't owe anyone anything.

Not your time, not your love, not your Pink Starbursts, nothing. (I’m actually taking about the candy, so get your mind out of the gutter)

You’re worthy.

You’re worthy of love, peace, joy, loyalty, respect, etc, no matter what point you are in your life. You deserve it, and if you didn’t, God wouldn't have made it available to us. PERIOD. I feel like I say this everyday, but it’s true. Like seriously, you are.


How’s everybody doing so far? How have the past (almost) six months been? What have you overcome? What have been your struggles? I want to know! Comment below!



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