June Favorites

June Favorites

Hey guys, I feel like it's been forever... and also June always feels like it 75 days, instead of 30, but thank God, we are finally in June. I thought I'd keep things lighthearted for the beginning of July, so here's what I've been loving. *In no particular order*.

Uwe No- Arese

 I heard it for the first time a few days ago, and I was like, where has this song been all my life? Also it didn't hurt that Poe was featured.

Chukwu Ebuka Medley

This is the perfect mix to wake up to in the morning and get your day started. "Chuwku ebuka" means "God is the Greatest/ God if Supreme" in Igbo, by the way. 

Palmwine Music Volume 1- Show Dem Camp

Just in case you're still looking for your summer soundtrack, here you go! Of course there were one or two songs that made me sideye a bit, I enjoyed it and it's been on replay almost everyday.

This bag is 100% handmade and is made here in Nigeria. The designer's IG is @koredeabdul and she can literally make anything you ask her to.

Calvin Kleinn- Deep Euphoria Eau De Parfum

This is tastes so different from the Orbit in the U.S and idk why. It's a lot mintier and lasts longer. I'm low-key addicted.

Although I'm trying to be healthy, this right here is what's keeping me from being great. I eat Indomie literally everyday.

Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss- Pout

Although, I don't really like lip gloss, I love how this gloss brightens up my look and since I'm always running late, and never have time to go full glam, I just put on some eyeliner, mascara and this lipgloss. This shade has been discontinued, but you can find other amazing shades here.

Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant 

If your underarms are sensitive, you should consider using a more gentle deodorant, specifically Crystal Deodorants. I love this one because it doesn't irritate my skin, and it also keeps me smelling fresh all day.

J.R Watkins Body Butter- Coconut Milk and Honey

Not only does this butter smell amazing, it is an amazing lightweight butter that is more like a cream. This is one body butter that passes the ashy feet test (will discuss in another blogpost). Find it here.

Ajali Body & Hair Butter Soufflé- Peppermint 

The truth is that this Butter Souffle needs its own blogpost. The formula is amazing, so lightweight and it doesn't sit on the skin. It keeps my skin moisturized all day. It is a must have if you're trying to be ash-free for the rest of your life, (Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall). If you don't like tingly feelings, then stay away from the peppermint one, as the tingly feel may be off-putting. There are however, multiple scents, including grapefruit. It can be found here,  if you're in Nigeria, and here, if you live outside of Nigeria (US and UK included).

The Thing Around Your Neck- Chimamnda Ngozi Adichie

I hadn't read this book in awhile and I was having Chimmy (my nickname for Chimamanda) withdrawals. I realized just how new my perspective was and I found new things to adore about this collection of short stories. First and foremost, I love how tangible and relatable each story was, and most importantly, it revealed various aspects of Eastern Nigerian culture, both from the perspective of Nigerians living in Nigeria, and Nigerians living abroad. I'm hoping Chimmy will see this, and then ask me to be friends, so please boost this post. Thnxxxx.



So, what did you guys love in June? Comment below! 

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