Meet Adeola Naomi Aderemi- Founder of Distinguished Diva

Meet Adeola Naomi Aderemi- Founder of Distinguished Diva


1.) So, tell us about yourself? What do you do? What are you passionate about?

I am multifaceted intellectual creative. I love connecting people and empower them to share their stories because I believe every story matter.

2.) I love following you and living vicariously through you as you shuttle between various countries in Europe. Does your travel impact your work? Specifically, your healing practices and workshops?

My travelling is my way of a way discovering myself and learning more about other culture while I actively own space in places my ancestors won’t be allowed to step a foot.

My work is impacted by my communication with locals as I learn the oral stories of a place, how the people connect and heal themselves before western medicine and how they interact with nature.

3.) Distinguished Diva is such an amazing platform that puts black women/ WOC in generalon a pedestal that they rightfully deserve. How did Distinguished Diva come about? 

My experiences as a black woman who have lived my life in a predominantly white space, there have been countless times, I have been silenced, erased and edited in what my lived experiences were.I have always been asked to be the mouth for all black women even in policy making. The new face of ‘Distinguished Diva’ came to me as a vision when I meet with Sasha and Danielle at a residency.

We were three women of colour with very different background from different geographic spaces.

We had parallel experiences for sure but not identical. Working in various industries and mostly in the media, I observe the women of colour were usually given one box/identity.

I wanted to create a space where we can explore our complexities. 

A space safe to explore our vulnerabilities and complexities.

There is danger in a single story which the media have managed to give women of colour. We are not a monolith as our experiences aren’t either.



4.) What is the biggest challenge of being a creative in spaces that often try to silence you as being “dramatic”, or “always talking about race”?

The biggest issue we face is finding people who will believe in our creative pursuit and funding us. It is very sad when people of colour complain about not having a safe space and then when it is created people don’t support it in the beginning. We forget that big changes also require participation from everyone. 

5.) Where do you see Distinguished Diva in 5 years?

My vision is to become a global media house that provides creatives/ contributors of colour a sustainable and well paid career. I want us to be an impactful storytelling platform and tell the stories of women that won’t get told at all elsewhere.

6.) Can you tell us more about your work with Yoga and other healing practices? What sprouted this passion?

My holistic healing practices and approach to life draws on my knowledge of culture, spirituality, and science to create therapeutic yoga programs for women’s empowerment and healing from violence and trauma. As I navigate the world in, with, and through a black woman’s body, I know firsthand how we carry the trauma of gender-based discrimination, violence, and inequality. I use that knowledge and skills to help women find their own true self as they embrace their past trauma and find compassion to love their flaws and grown into their holistic wholeness


7.) Where can we find you on social media and online? 

For more insight into my work check out

And if you want to interact with me, I tweet on @AddyGotHerOwn and I am always on Instagram at @distinguisheddiva

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