5 Ways To Make Your Valentine's Day Suck Less

5 Ways To Make Your Valentine's Day Suck Less

Not going to lie, it feels sooo weird to be back writing, instead of crying over a video that’s taking 10 days to upload..

Okay so here’s the thing beautiful people: I did a poll on my Instagram (@afrikanrising) a few days ago and I felt pretty bad about the results. First of all, over 70% of the poll participants are not looking forward to Valentine’s Day.

Generally, apart from Christmas and my Birthday, Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. I love the feeling of love and most importantly, I love any excuse to stuff my face with candy, cupcakes, and wine (yes, I buy myself Valentine’s Day gifts!)

But even though I love Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean everyone else will. For a lot of people, it’s a painful reminder of society’s pressure to find “The One”. If you fall into either of these categories, I have some ideas to take your mind off of things, and to make this Valentine’s Day your best yet!

1.) Get your nails done or go get a massage:

       If you’re in Lagos, I recommend the Nail Boutique in Lekki Phase 1 and Oriki Spa for massages.

2.) Order in for Dinner

I know it can be quite painful going to restaurant alone, so don’t force yourself. Grubhub (U.S) or Jumia Food (Nigeria) will deliver your dinner to you. Dine in, have a class (or the whole bottle) of wine and catch up on This is Us.

3.) Call your “faves” and tell them that you love them.

Yes, even if it’s your Mom..actually that’s more reason to call.

4.) Be happy for those in healthy relationships and those who are single

Yes it sucks, but keep your chin up and share the love!

5.) Take a fun class!

Here in Lagos, I recommend Red Caramel for burlesque classes,  Afrofusion classes, as  well as Pole Dancing Classes. If you’re into Yoga, check out Breathe Studio!  (Click here and here  to check out both)

BONUS: Love yourself!

You’re perfect, nothing short of a miracle and while you’re preparing for someone to honor that (if you choose to), you’ve got to honor yourself too!

Thanks for reading my loves and don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel for videos you’ve missed. Oh, here’s my most recent one!




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Staying Inspired: Music That Keeps Me Going!

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