October Faves

October Faves

1.) Hoops 


Recently, I've realized the power in a puff and a pair of hoop earrings. I'm learning to take risks with my accessories and this is a step. Also it always makes me laugh when I think about how my Mother NEVER let me or my sister wear hoop hearings. Can anyone relate? Find them here.

2.) What It Means When A Man Falls From The Sky by Lesley Nneka Arimah 


These series of short stories shed light on experiences of abuse, misogyny, and self image. What I love most is that it gives us a bit of a glimpse into South-Eastern Nigeria and its many beautiful cultures. Buy it here.

3.) Thayer's Witch Hazel - Rose Petal 


As you know, my skin has been kicking my butt and although I'm just done stressing about it, I thought I should at least make some attempts to address my skin woes. This astringent is great for cleansing and refreshing, and it also helps with drying out whiteheads. Buy it here.

4.) Z Natural Life Extra Strength Deodorant


I love the scent and the formula of this product, but there are a few drawbacks: 1.) I paid $10 for this and it only lasted for 2 weeks. It only has two weeks worth of product in it and that's only if you're using it once a day. As much as I loved it, I most likely will not be repurchasing it, until I have some extra money that would allow me to at least get three tubes at once.  Find It Here.

5) Fragonard- Reine des ceours- Eau De Parfum


When I was coming to America, there was a layover at Charles De Gaulle airport so naturally, I decided to check out their make-up and beauty stores. I tried this perfume out on a tester and I was really happy when I realized that it smelled very similar to Lancome's La Vi Est Belle. And girl, when I saw that price, ($34) I had to have it. If you love La Vi Est Belle, but don't have La Vi Est Belle money (yet) then get your hands on this!  Find it here (it's more expensive here, though)

6.) R & R Shea Luxury Body Oil- Serenity


This oil is lightweight, smells amazing (there is a fragrance free option) and it very affordable. Also, it's made in Nigeria... what's not to love?  Here are all the places that stock their products.

7.) BlushKrush Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick- Rumcake 


This is Limbo by Colourpop, but better. It's long-lasting, but it won't dry your lips out. Also, I noticed that this has a neutral undertone and it doesn't wash me out, so I can use it as a liner and also as an all over lipstick. (BlushKrush's site is not live yet, but you can follow them on IG, Facebook, and Twitter @Blushkrushcosmetics).

8.) Jane Carter Solution- Revitalizing Leave In Conditioner


This leave in conditioner is great for everyday use and also doesn't have a very strong smell. I love the way and the speed with which my hair absorbs it too. Find it here.

9.) NARS Precision Lip Liner- Spunk


I had honestly intended to get the liquid lipstick, but after using this, I had no complaints. This is another brown person-friendly brown lip liner. It's similar to Mac's Chestnut and NYX's Expresso. My only drawback is that it is 24 ZOLLARS (in my Jacki Aina's voice). I personally think it's worth the investment. It's amazing quality, long lasting, and I haven't had to sharpen it yet, and I bought it at the beginning of October. Find it here

10.) Burt's Bees Baked Pumpkin Natural Soy Candle


My Sister knows how much I love candles, and this was one of her birthday gifts to me. It literally smells like pumpkin bread, and sometimes I feel like eating it, but I won't so don't worry. Find it here. (My Sister got it from Walmart).

11.) YOU!

I can't tell you how much your support means to me. In two months, we will be coming up on AfrikanRising's second birthday! Of course, none of this would have been possible without God, but I know that God brought you to this site and along for the ride for a reason. THANK YOU.


What were you loving on October? Comment Below! 

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